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Snow Removal Services

A-Z Landscaping, Inc. offers several different snow removal packages for the harsh New England winters. We handle many commercial and residential accounts. We employ all of the latest equipment and can tackle the most challenging snow removal jobs.

In emergency situations we are capable of doing what many companies are not. Don’t let the big equipment fool you, we also have a full staff of shovelers for your driveway, sidewalks and ice melt needs. No job is too big or too small!

Commercial accounts requiring a high level of service are a large part of our winter snow contracts. Condominium complexes and apartment complexes make up the remainder of our snow plowing and ice control contracts. We know the specific needs these sites have in the winter months, and we work with property managers and home owners associations to meet the snow plowing needs of each individual site. We also plow residential driveways and sidewalks. Our acquisition of newer and larger equipment each year, allows us to service more and more properties in the winter months. This year we have expanded our fleet of vehicles and equipment dedicated to snow plowing in the winter months. We have begun to phase in new modern snow removal equipment. We have expanded our fleet of trucks to include larger vehicles and larger scale machines such as front end loaders and bulldozers. We are always seeking ways to make our job safer and more valuable for our customer, while still meeting their needs.

We provide superior service with attention to detail. We monitor all our contracted sites 24 hours a day before, during, and after snow and ice events to ensure they are kept safe. We fully understand your tenants, customers and employees need to be able to travel your property safely, and that is our goal. We employ the latest techniques and use the most up to date tools to maintain your property.

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